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it is our duty as men and women
to proceed as though the limits
of our abilities do not exist

- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


Conscious Convergence

Form your own circle this coming weekend, July 17-18, 2010 and join the "Global Prayer For Peace" or Conscious Convergence.All people of our planet are invited to set the intention of manifesting unity consciousness as part of the global transformation predicted by the Mayan calendar.
This will be one of the defining moments in the history of our planet when thosecommitted to being co-creators of the cosmic plan will step forward and set theirintentions as part of the larger human race. And so, if you share such a commitment,it is critical to take part and let your friends know about it so that they will not miss out. The program is outlined at:


The Conscious Convergence ... a wave of unity
The Conscious Convergence mission is to bring people together with the shared intention of cultivating a critical mass of harmonious energy that supports inner and outer reconciliation. We come together in the spirit of unity to heal wounds that separate us, to reconcile conflicts that divide us, to...


I have long thought about having a life with my family that
was less structured. Where we found our own rhythm. Where
the day was dictated by our own needs and wants. Where we all
naturally found our way.

When it was time for my firstborn to start preschool i baulked,
but everyone else was doing it and i thought she would 'fall
behind'. So i let her go 2 days a week. She did seem to enjoy it.

Then school started. I wasn't even going to work ut i felt like
i was again on the treadmill of 9-5. Which i have long detested.
Rules and regimens to follow, and i mean for the parents.
She is one who likes to please , so of course she has become a
wonderful student and welcomed member of that community.

But every school holidays, the real girl emerges. she lightens up.
she eats better. she has time for her sister. she keeps different
hours. She feels more at ease.

So when i came across this video, it really has shaken me to my core.
Unschooling seems like the most natural way to live.
I will show it to my girls and husband.

Check it out

If you want to find out more about Astra Taylor check out her doco.

The NewYorkReview hailed her as one of the people to watch. She may be from
a well educated family but the thing that struck
me most from her speech is her message of having trust that people
are curious and that it's human to learn if givent he space.


MJ working his magic still

I know most people I know think I'm crazy, but I think
the man is still alive, orchestrating all that has gone
on, creating the biggest media hoax ever.

The world will finally see the media for all its flaws
and realise that we have been hoodwinked on many many
issues, just as MJ was persecuted thru the media with
lies and slander.

And the real messages he was trying to get out there all
along, Love one another, look after the planet,look beyond
colour, unite as one people, shine your light, peace not war
will be heard and hopefully at long last listened to.

Peace, love and Light


John Lennon

One of the great songs by the peace lover himself
Mr John Lennon, sadly gunned down as he walked into
his hotel residence way too early, 29 years ago.

I loved this man's work and I will never forget
how he tuned me in to so much of what makes me
who I am today



Today the moon is full. So it's time again to put
together my Dreamboard for the month.

My biggest dream is to look after Mother Earth,
nurture and protect her. I believe that only by
making changes within can I create and effect the
world outside of me.

Happy full moon to everyone and may all your
dreams come true.

To see what other dreams people are creating
go here


step by step

" You can be a maker of magic and a tender of wishes "

The Wishcasting prompt from Jamie Ridler
this week is


Mmmmmm. After a lot of thinking, I just let my mind go.
I took some some deeper than normal breaths and sat with
this question.

And then I found my answer.
The step I wish to take is one step. One step at a time.
Just trying to be present. Well not even trying. Just being.
I have been practicing meditation seriously for over 2 years
and this is what I've been learning. Just being in the moment.
One step at a time.

If you'd like to cast out a wish into the universe and have
other people support you on it to boot, head over here and add your name

love is all you need

I am loving this short film so much i wanted to share it
with you all. I love this guys drawings and the honesty
he got from people is very touching.

My first crush after my teddy McDougall, was on the actor
who played in The Little Prince, a B&W movie based on that
alltime great book, way back in the '70s.
He had blonde curly hair and big eyes.

If you feel like sharing your first crush please go to my



It's Wishcasting Wednesday again, this week Jamie
poses the question,

What do you wish to embrace?

I am willing and ready to embrace my Shadow side -
those parts of me that I refuse to see as me and
that I usually project onto others, more often than
not to the people I love most.

So today is the day, when I will look deeply and feel
into the judgements I make about others as a clue to
what is lurking down inside of me.

Synchronicity with the soul coaching I've been doing
as well with Michelle Chant - spooky!

painting by Dan Ah-Kim