I love treats!

It's that time of the week again when the lovely Jamie over here invites us
to look within and tend to our hearts desires.
This week, she prompts us with


I'm going to try something different this week, something
really specific and see how quickly my wish can materialize,
because I am a big believer in the philosophy that you can
create what you put your attention towards.

So here goes Universe, are you listening?
I wish for a weekend away, somewhere exotic, where I can
eat the most delicious of foods and be in nature, with time
for rest and play, have a massage, read, swim and do yoga.

It's very lush but that is my wish. Bring it on!


Hula Girl

I found this over at Starshyne's Virtual Dance Party
and it really made me smile.

I'm going out to buy a hoop asap and try and channel
some of alison's style


wishcasting wednesday

I keep losing track of the days so I will post
here a day late to the prompt Jamie Ridler left
on her site
" What do you wish to say yes to"

This is a really interesting question for me to
ponder and it seems in an instant I can think of
many things to say, but I would like to edit it
down to one answer that encompasses the kernel
of all the thoughts into one.

So I've come up with, I want to say Yes to Love
and by that I mean anytime I am given the
opportunity to be loving, share my love,
receive someone's love, promote love,act from the
space of love, be love -
then I am being the true and authentic person
that I am, and that we all in fact are.

It sounds simple enough, but if I really live
this, it means forgiving others I need to forgive,
it means accepting all that is, just as it is,
it means being compassionate and understanding even
when I may not believe that is the way I am being
treated. This is where I want to be and so this
is my wish for today.

To see what other people are wishing for go here


from the kitchen

Tired of all the shop-bought heavily coloured and
fake flavoured icecream and iceblocks, we decided on
experimenting with our version.

Little One wanted mango and Blossom was happy to try
the combo of mixed berries (blueberries and raspberries)
with banana and mango. The berries are very sweet right now
but not holding there crispiness or shape so great for
cooking with. The mangoes are already super sweet and juicy
from the NT so hope they are not peaking too early and gone
by Christmas

We chose a great biodynamic yoghurt as the base and
whizzed it all up in the blender, leave in freezer for
a couple of hours and voila! A tasty treat the girls
are fanging to eat and one I'm happy to offer.

Night Noodle Market

After checking out the finalists of the Sydney Life
photo competition in Hyde Park, we followed our noses
over to to Night Noodle Market, where a huge crowd
was already chowing down.

If you're looking for an Asian street stall eating experience
without leaving home, this is a variation on that theme.
I suggest you get there before 6 to get a table, but we managed
to enjoy our balancing act sitting around the fountain watching
a great street performer thrill the gathering. Loads of food
styles to choose from and very kid-friendly.

Open week nights from 5-9pm and finishes October 24.


wishcasting wednesday

Oooooooooooops it's already Friday, but I've been
having so much fun hangin out with my girls, I forgot
to post my wish.

Jamie Ridler posted the prompt:

I wish to complete another round at the oncologist
in December and be given the all clear, just as I have
done for the last 2 years. I wish for smouldering
good health.


glue and scissors....

Thank God the lovely Amber over at Kids Craft Weekly
sends me her great newsletter, because she has lots of ideas
of things to do and make which you need up your sleeve
for rainy freezing school holidays.

here's what the little one and I got up to this afternoon


mankind mag

Sad days indeed!

If you're not tuned in already it's about to be too late,
because the incredibly talented folk at mankind mag, or should I
say Erin Loechner are closing down this production.
For the last 2 years I have hung out waiting to see what
Erin has discovered for us. She has an amazing eye for
originality and talent and is one of the most generous people out
here in the ether.

The mag features artists, designers, craftsters and all things
fabulous. You can download this months issue for under $2 and
there is also the back catalogue option as well.

In the meantime, I can satisfy my cravings with Design
for Mankind
daily pages, which are a real treat
and Erin also offers awesome giveaways on top.

Jonny Applehead

Melbourne illustrator and theatre designer Jonny
work is just beautiful. Can't wait to
check out his picture books, Christmas presents maybe?

found via the awesome people at Drawn



tune in

I am loving this girls voice and her whole act really
check Lykke Li out here
to see what I'm talking about
but first watch this video

I'm Good, I'm Gone – Acoustic version from Lykke Li on Vimeo.

Full Moon Dreamboard

Yesterday in the Southern Hemisphere we fell under the influence of
the Pink Moon. It is the first full moon following our Spring Equinox,
so is still very much about new beginnings and celebrating new life.
It was an Aries Full Moon to boot which contains a very exuberant,
energetic energy of great power.

So I invited some galpals around to Dreamboard at my place,
inspired by Jamie Ridler to create a circle of women coming together
on the Full Moon to create a vision board or a collage of images and
words, to help manifest what we want in our lives.
I have always loved coming together in a circle with other women,
creating a sacred space where we share our stories and support each
other on our journey, but this was the first one that I have initiated
and run myself. My friends created beautiful visions for themselves
and it felt like a real blessing to see them tapping into their power.

After my friends left, my eldest daughter asked to make one, which
I was hoping for all along but left up to her. Here's her beautiful


here comes the bride

Tamara Dean's beautiful photo has taken out first prize of the
Sydney Life photography competition.
It was taken next to Sydney airport and is part of a series
by Tamara called Ritualism.

You can see this and the other finalists on the Grand Central
Walkway in Hyde Park for the rest ofthis month as part of the
City of Sydney's biggest public arts festival - Art & About.