step by step

" You can be a maker of magic and a tender of wishes "

The Wishcasting prompt from Jamie Ridler
this week is


Mmmmmm. After a lot of thinking, I just let my mind go.
I took some some deeper than normal breaths and sat with
this question.

And then I found my answer.
The step I wish to take is one step. One step at a time.
Just trying to be present. Well not even trying. Just being.
I have been practicing meditation seriously for over 2 years
and this is what I've been learning. Just being in the moment.
One step at a time.

If you'd like to cast out a wish into the universe and have
other people support you on it to boot, head over here and add your name

love is all you need

I am loving this short film so much i wanted to share it
with you all. I love this guys drawings and the honesty
he got from people is very touching.

My first crush after my teddy McDougall, was on the actor
who played in The Little Prince, a B&W movie based on that
alltime great book, way back in the '70s.
He had blonde curly hair and big eyes.

If you feel like sharing your first crush please go to my



It's Wishcasting Wednesday again, this week Jamie
poses the question,

What do you wish to embrace?

I am willing and ready to embrace my Shadow side -
those parts of me that I refuse to see as me and
that I usually project onto others, more often than
not to the people I love most.

So today is the day, when I will look deeply and feel
into the judgements I make about others as a clue to
what is lurking down inside of me.

Synchronicity with the soul coaching I've been doing
as well with Michelle Chant - spooky!

painting by Dan Ah-Kim


papier mache

Yay. The summer issue is up over at the darling
kids mag headquarters of Beck and Alice.
You should definitely watch these girls, with their beautiful
eye for all things dreamy, vintage, quirky and magical.
I just wish I was a kid again so I could wear the

This issue has a great feature of David Bromley,
who I love love love and a newbie from Japan,
Atsuko Ishii who I will definitely keep following.

Night of Hecate

We are under the quiet yet bountiful energy of the New Moon
tonight. This is a time to let go of things we don't
want in our life and in doing that creating the space for
what we do want.

For me, today is the day to let go of FEAR. All fear.
I want to banish it, as it serves not me or anyone.
Fear is such a limiting place to operate from and I am
done with it.

Fear acts like a magnet for bad energy so with this
releasing of fear, I accept the mantra, I am safe.


i am grateful for the electrifying energy a
summer thunderstorm brings. dancing in the rain
without a care and children squealing with every
thunderclap. cleansing fat raindrops feeding the
garden and a warm syrupy wind to keep us guessing.


sunshiney days

i am so grateful for the beautiful day i woke up
to. the beautiful clean sea i live near and bathed in
and the warm wind blowing things up a little



It was really not until the passing of Michael
Jackson, that I realized what a great spirit he was
and one of the shining Lights amongst us. For all
these years I had allowed the media's awful portrayal
of him to get in the way of the artist and human that
he was. But in looking back at his speeches and
interviews and lyrics it's pretty obvious where he was at.

Thanks for spreading the message of love and
beguiling us with your groove. You were a true original
and beautiful spirit


thank you

to my body for your strength and good health
and propelling me forward on this journey

Taurus Full Moon

We had a great weekend celebrating the Goddess -
Mother Earth and singing to her as an act of
replenishment and healing, respect and gratitude.

We sat under the Full Moon by the sea in a circle
as one big family, children husbands and girlfriends
and sang up the Earth, to honour Her.

For this months Dreamboard I am choosing to dream up
deep grounding for myself. I am choosing to find
and allow myself to sink down into my being and get
out of my head. To be at One with myself and
Mother Earth.

For more inspiration on Dreamboarding, go to Jamie
Ridler's Fullmoon Dreamboard Circle here