Boot Bay

I consider myself a Bondi "local". Well, I have lived here
longer than 10 years and my kids were born here, so I'm
sticking with that title regardless of what others may say.

The "local" title is a slippery one. Some say you have to be
at least 3rd generation i.e your grandparents had to have lived here.
Others say unless you went to school here, no claim. I like the crowd
who says you need to have lived here for over 10 years since I fit that
criteria, but I'm sure if you are in the backpacking tribe, you
would be considered a "local" if you stayed longer than a month!

Anyway, I thought I knew a fair bit about this place, but everyday
it seems I discover something new. I was snapping off pictures
as I wandered around this morning, when a man came up and said
"Have you seen the boot? You know the rock that looks like a boot."
It is true that I have put in many kms on the Bondi-Bronte coastal
walk and checked out the rock platforms, the beautiful flowering
hillsides, the sculptures and the whales, while always mindful of
bondi landmines (aka doggie droppings), but i have never seen boot

So me and Mario get chatting, he shows me where to best view the
said rock and I discover he is a 40+ year local via Sweden and in very
good shape for a 71 years young man. So now I know that the bay
between Bondi and McKenzies is known as Boot Bay. He invited me
for a game of lawn bowls at his club, where you can have a couple of
beers and an afternoon of fun in the sun playing bowls for under $15.
Sounds too good to let go by don't you think?

Here is a picture of Boot Rock and Mario is above leaning on the railing

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