first up

i've decided to show up at long last
and join the bloggerati.

i see it as a great place in which to
project out into the ether what matters
to me. what inspires me. what makes me feel alive.
if people tune in, awesome. if not, it can act as
my witness to what's going on in my world.

i truly believe what you put out there is what
you wind up getting back, but probably threefold.
so my intention is to celebrate the beauty that
exists all around us. i wish this place to be one that
shines the light on others and allows me to step into
it as well.

my biggest flaw is being a perfectionist. for me it
manifests as not starting projects for fear they will
not be good enough for my standards or anyone elses
for that matter. this is a big step for me. taking the
plunge into a medium i still do not fully understand and not
having my head around all things technical is scary.
but i figure i just have to make a start and see where it takes me.

so jump on board
i hope you will find something here for you.
as i hope i do.

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