I don't know about you, but 29c feels alot like summer.
I would love to post you some pics of the beach in all its
madness as the crowds flock to get some relief from the heat,
but my computer is in sick bay and the guys who I took it to
are incommunicado. I feel lost and kinda empty without knowing
it is nearby. Almost like a grief feeling weirdly.

It's all b/c I hadn't backed up like we are all told to do. So when I
found I couldn't upload any new photos b/c the drive was jammed
full, I bought a new external drive, loaded everything on, ticked
the box to "sync with my comp" and then deleted half my photo
files (30GB) and proceeded on.

Short story, when I go to view photos on comp via external hard
drive it "syncs" with my comp and voila, erases the files it had
previously saved.

I am trying to be all zen about this loss and looking for the good in it,
but I can't say this is easy. And now a complete stranger has my comp,
my external HD and although it was supposed to take 30mins to do the
job of upgrading the memory, still no contact. And that was over 24
hrs ago. Will I ever get my baby back?

So who knows when I can get back to delivering more than just text.
Until then, I will just keep breathing in, and breathing out.
Breathing in, and breathing out.

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