6.38am Bondi Beach

I wake feeling like something is tapping me on the shoulder.
My eyes reach for the sky to check what time it is.
Bright orange light like cheezels or Lucille Ball's mop looks
back at me.That can't be right. My heart is beating strong now.
I have to see this standing upright.
Before I know it I'm pulling clothes on and heading outside,
to be cloaked in this surreal, hellfire embrace.
The beach is crowded with others like me, trying to register
this gritty, smoky, eerie, warm atmosphere claiming to be air.
Camera flashes all around as we clamber to capture the strange
morning that greets us.Strangers strike up conversations reaching
out to share this moment with each other.In the midst of this
setting, mother nature clearly in charge,it seems the humans are
reminded of our fragility and our connectedness to each other.
I take home the smell of red earth in my hair and feel the powdery
dust on my skin and in my lungs. The wind is picking up.
Strange days indeed.


juergen said...

Hey michky heard about it but seeing these pics blows me away - wow!

Anonymous said...

wowowow....wish i could have been there!