Yarn Bombed

I'm pleased to say, Bondi has started being tagged by at least one,
but who knows how many guerilla knitters. I first spotted their
work near the Lifeguard Tower, but before I could get back with
my camera, the 2 exquisite pieces were gone. Had they been nicked?
Or worse, removed by the Council?

My heart skipped a beat when I discovered a new wrapping yesterday.
If you've never heard of this subversive form of street art, it's expertly
knitted pieces, sometimes crocheted that are then stitched around
public fixtures eg. bus seats, parking meters, railings, doorknobs, poles,
trees, or snywhere really.

Although knitting's image has taken off in recent years with many
celebrities now claiming it to be their favourite pastime, I love the way
knit one purl one has morphed down an edgy, even graffiti style line.
It's now a worldwide phenomenon as knitters gather into groups to
spread their irreverent approach to humanising and brightening up our
concrete and steel cities.

In July, Canberra held a festival in celebration of knitting bringing out
Texan knitter and guerilla Magda Sayeg. She made a promise to let Sydney
'see' that she had been here so I'm wondering if these pieces are her
handiwork or by someone who lives nearby?

I'm always on the lookout for more types of this work so let me know via
my comments below if you spot any.

To see more pics go here

Found near the Bondi Icebergs

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