Taurus Full Moon

We had a great weekend celebrating the Goddess -
Mother Earth and singing to her as an act of
replenishment and healing, respect and gratitude.

We sat under the Full Moon by the sea in a circle
as one big family, children husbands and girlfriends
and sang up the Earth, to honour Her.

For this months Dreamboard I am choosing to dream up
deep grounding for myself. I am choosing to find
and allow myself to sink down into my being and get
out of my head. To be at One with myself and
Mother Earth.

For more inspiration on Dreamboarding, go to Jamie
Ridler's Fullmoon Dreamboard Circle here


Kate England | Marmalade Moon said...

May your dream come true!

Lisa @sacred circle said...

Your dreamboard has an eerie quality about that touches me and inspires me! Many blessings to you as your dreams magically unfold...

Polly said...

I am amazed by the tactile nature of this!

I hope the grounding is satisfying!