I have long thought about having a life with my family that
was less structured. Where we found our own rhythm. Where
the day was dictated by our own needs and wants. Where we all
naturally found our way.

When it was time for my firstborn to start preschool i baulked,
but everyone else was doing it and i thought she would 'fall
behind'. So i let her go 2 days a week. She did seem to enjoy it.

Then school started. I wasn't even going to work ut i felt like
i was again on the treadmill of 9-5. Which i have long detested.
Rules and regimens to follow, and i mean for the parents.
She is one who likes to please , so of course she has become a
wonderful student and welcomed member of that community.

But every school holidays, the real girl emerges. she lightens up.
she eats better. she has time for her sister. she keeps different
hours. She feels more at ease.

So when i came across this video, it really has shaken me to my core.
Unschooling seems like the most natural way to live.
I will show it to my girls and husband.

Check it out

If you want to find out more about Astra Taylor check out her doco.

The NewYorkReview hailed her as one of the people to watch. She may be from
a well educated family but the thing that struck
me most from her speech is her message of having trust that people
are curious and that it's human to learn if givent he space.

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Anonymous said...

cool, enjoyed watching that alot. unschooling...makes me realise even more why the masses are being schooled. scary.